A Hairy Tale Every Woman Should Know About


I love my hair when it puts up its best behavior and is shining, gleaming, and lustrous; in short the envy of many girls and a charm to men. Talk about good and bad hair days. Now, I may not have the best hair in town but it is very healthy, black, shoulder length and wavy. I have not tried to dye my hair a myriad of colors or had fancy hairdos or got an expensive hair accessory to enhance its beauty. In fact, the last thing that I tackle in my daily beauty regimen before getting ready to go to the office is to take care of my hair. Usually, I just use a hair straightener to make it look more manageable and sleek. During winters, unless it is raining, my hair does stay beautifully groomed throughout the day and that leaves me with one thing less to worry about.

However, on a hot humid day my hair just acts strange and does not keep up to its usual charm and glory. The curls are more visible which I don’t prefer and the straightener does not do a good job either. By midday just after my lunch break, I just want to stack up my hairy mess into a bun or a pony tail. The humid weather does not suit my hair texture and I believe it loses its luster and smoothness, making it more curly and tangled. I hate that. I hate humid weather for many reasons including my irritated sinuses and my hairy woe is another concern.

Recently I was checking the Internet for more information on how humidity affects my hair. I was lucky enough to find a website called Hair Spray Guide, there you’ll find tons of information related to how to keep you hair in good condition, also there are several hairsprays reviewed. There you’ll find for sure the best hairspray for your beautiful hair.

Another impact humidity has on my hair is that it gets very rough and difficult to manage. It will start popping out of the hair clips and loose ends sticking out, trying to escape the confinement of the hair bobby pins. Now, I forgot to mention that I am armed with a bobby pin pack especially if it is a humid day and lo and behold, at the first sight of my hair getting messy due to humidity, I try to tame it with the bobby pins. In a few hours, I would have as many bobby pins stuck to my head enough to beep relentlessly through a metal detector in an airport. I cannot stand my hair being messy or unsightly. I use minimal makeup as I like to have a neat professional appearance and hence use all my defensive mechanisms to keep my hair normal. That reminds me, I better check out the weather forecast for tomorrow.

How We Can Use Renewable Energy Sources To Calm Down Global Warming

global-warmingToday’s topic is a very important one. One that is affecting to every single human being in Earth, even without them knowing it.

But before we get started, first let’s define what is Global Warming.

Global Warming is the gradual increase in temperature of the Earth’s climatic system. It is mainly caused by harmful, uncontrolled human activities. According to experts, 95% of global warming is caused by anthropogenic (human) activities, which leads to concentration of greenhouse gases such as CO2. These form a thickening blanket in the atmosphere that traps sunlight and radiation leading to global warming.

Burning of fossil fuels and use of other non-renewable sources of energy is one of the activities that contributes to this problem. Hence, experts advice that using renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and hydroelectricity can greatly slow down global warming. These have no effect on the climate, and their sources i.e wind, sunshine and rainfall are naturally replenished on a human time-scale.
But one question still lingers? How do renewable energy sources slow down global warming? Take electricity for example. At the turn of the twentieth century, coal burning was used to power the generator that generated electricity. But since then, hydroelectricity has replaced coal as a cheap, clean and efficient alternative in electricity generation.

Another area is air and water heating. Coal and other fossil fuels were used to accomplish this task, but solar power is now considered the best alternative in heating of air or water. It’s cheap and it’s clean since doesn’t give off any waste gases.

There are many other areas where renewable energy is replacing traditional energy sources. Some include transportation and off-grid energy services. In all these areas, renewable energy sources are preferred because they don’t give off any harmful wastes, which vastly slows down global warming.

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